SolarSquirt® Solar Power Water Fountain
SolarSquirt® Solar Power Water Fountain
SolarSquirt® Solar Power Water Fountain

SolarSquirt® Solar Power Water Fountain

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Does Your Garden Need Some More Excitement?

The SolarSquirt® Solar Powered Fountain is perfect to bring that excitement to your garden, with its awesome design and solar features.


Highly Efficient Solar Panels

This fountain kit makes an affordable and efficient pump that requires no electricity or batteries, as it runs on solar power alone!  It can be used anywhere and it runs on solar power, which means there's no maintenance, just attach and go!


Exchangeable Nozzles?

The fountain has exchangeable nozzles so that you can get a different view and waterfall sound every time. SIX NOZZLES AND SIX MODES! Contains 6 different nozzles, which will produce different spray shapes and spray patterns.  The spray height can reach 30-50cm.

Where Can I Place My Fountain?

The fountain can be placed anywhere there is water and sunshine. The SolarSquirt® Solar Powered Fountain is suitable for birdbaths, small ponds, or just garden decoration.

Love Nature?

 The  SolarSquirt® Solar Powered Fountain attracts nature's beautiful birds which allows you to have a wonderful experience in your own yard while watching them bathe in the sun.

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How Does It Work?

The  SolarSquirt® Solar Powered Fountain is eco-friendly so when the solar panels receive sufficient sunlight and the right depth of water the water pump will start within 3 seconds.

How Big Is the Fountain?

The  SolarSquirt® Solar Powered Fountain is about 7in and floats on water, can be disassembled to put away for the next time.